Why I'm Running and Why I Ask For Your Vote

Ronald Reagan stated that the “government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it." The current state of fiscal affairs in Massachusetts exemplifies Reagan’s insight. Over the last number of years, our Democratic state legislature increased government revenue any way they could. For example: the sales tax increased to 6.25%; the income tax never went down in direct violation of the ballot initiative passed by the voters; the tolls not only never came down but went back up in western Massachusetts; and new taxes on our thriving software industry were created. Most disturbingly, showing a unique legislative cowardice, a never-ending always self-increasing gas tax was implemented freeing our legislators from ever having to vote on it again.

The philosophical foundations on Beacon Hill must change and I am running for the state senate to help lead that change. Voters’ hard earned dollars are just that – the voters’ money. They earned it when they awoke early and went to work every day. They should choose how to spend it. Government of course needs revenues to fulfill its obligations but it will never stop overtaxing and overspending unless forced to do so. This requires having a senator in the legislature who unapologetically fights for pro-growth policies of non-confiscatory taxes and limited governmental regulation allowing the unrestricted flow of capital, labor and ideas.

First, the legislature should follow the dictates of the voter passed ballot initiative and lower the state income tax to 5.0% from its current 5.3%. Second, the sales tax should be lowered to the pre-Patrick administration amount of 5.0%. Third, make clear that the tolls on the Turnpike will be coming down when promised, if not sooner.

Fourth, the movement away from individual responsibility and local control needs to be reversed. In that vein, the national Common Core education standards the Patrick administration imposed upon the state without any legislative or voter authority need to be removed. Massachusetts was a national model of educational achievement. The MCAS standards and the curriculum underlying it should be brought back, along with the removal of the shadow of federal demands Common Core brought with it.

Lastly, the citizens’ second amendment rights must not be further abridged. Massachusetts already has some of the greatest restrictions on the fundamental right to own a gun. Any further restrictions are unacceptable while most current restrictions need to be revisited.

I am running as a Republican for the Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire and Middlesex state senate seat. It is made up of 28 towns from the New Hampshire border to the Connecticut border. It is the second largest geographically in the state.

In the last four statewide elections, Republican candidates have won the district overwhelmingly. Republicans Scott Brown (twice) running for the U.S. Senate and Charlie Baker running for Governor in 2010 and 2014 won all 28 towns in the district. You read that correctly – 28 of 28 towns. Republican U.S. Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez won 27 of 28 towns.

When given the opportunity to vote for a Republican who brings a message of fiscal responsibility and good governance, the people of my district will take it. My candidacy brings that opportunity for the position of state senator. I am not naïve - I will not win every battle nor fundamentally reverse an ingrained legislative mindset overnight, but the battle must be joined.

Fiscal Discipline • Good Governance